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Dedicated to sharing knowledge about quality cannabis growing and consuming.
An authentic, intelligent, and dedicated community of cannabis growers, enthuesists, and the curious.


#KeepGrowing Videos

Starting with a shopping list, watch a setup, and view critiques of real cannabis grows, large and small. Interviews with master growers will help you cultivate, and proccess, the best cannibus posible. 


Membership has its privlidges

Tune into the members area every other week for live webinars followed by Critique and Q&A.

Meet with fellow Growing Network members quarterly and share what you have learned, compare notes, and make a plan for the next grow. 


Consulting Large and Small

You can bring The Growing Network to consult your Cannibas grow, whether its in your basement, closet, backyard, greenhouse, or farm. Only organic, sustainable. 4 month contracts.


Websites & Video Production

Put our 20+ years of quality website development and experience using videos to attract effecianados as well as the public to learn about outlaw arts to world class craftspeople. 

"I read some books, watched some videos, took some seeds I collected and gave it a shot, but it wasnt until I had real guidance from The Growing Networks my grow yielded high quality cannabis. Having experts guide me through the proccess meant all the difference in the worl, er, bud."

Simone Marx

The Growing Network Client #1

If you're 21 - for an invitation to the real world & online launch party:

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